Monday, November 3, 2014

U-Boat Worx launches high-performance HP Sport Sub 2

Renowned Dutch submersible manufacturer U-Boat Worx has launched its new ultra-compact 2-person "HP Sport Sub 2", a high-performance submersible ready to fit onboard any superyacht. It can even be towed behind a car.

According to Founder and Chairman Bert Houtman, this remarkable submersible design is "suitable for all superyachts from 30 meters and up". The luxury submersible has a 100-meter (330-feet) depth-rating and weighs only 2,200 kg. Add to that its ultra-low height of 136 cm (53 inches) and superb performance, and in the HP Sport Sub 2 you have easily the best choice among personal sports submersibles.
"The design is attractive, but above all, safe and functional", says Houtman."We've adopted a very different look compared to traditional submersibles, but without compromising safety   continue here 
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Von Eusersdorff: Dandy smells from a small exclusive house

Every once in a while you make a discovery... You discover something not everybody knows. You know it's exclusive, and actually you want to keep it a secret. Yet you have an overwhelming urge to share your discovery... and thus you share. Von Eusersdorff New York, is as such....

The name Von Eusersdorff echoes the historical heritage of the label's founding ancestors: A skilled family of German emigrants involved in the world-trade of rare oils, herbs, spices and petals for nearly three centuries; mastering an artisan practice that was the initial cradle of the perfume industry as we currently know it.
Camille Henfling, the wizard behind the label's rebirth is descended from the Von Eusersdorff lineage. Formally a businessman, he felt the need to re-unite with his inner core; a process which lead him to rediscover his family heritage. Growing up as a child, he remembers the heavily scented atmosphere in the apothecary of his grandfather; his holidays spent exploring the rich aromatic textures inside the warehouses of his family plantations in Costa Rica... or days spent wandering about the herbs and spices stock depots in the Netherlands.
Following a hint, he moved to the perfume Mecca of Grasse in the south of France. For 3 years he learnt all there is to know about the process of creating fragrances, gradually assembling the team of skilled laboratorians that collaborate with him today; there breathing new life into his ancestor's tradition with a contemporary olfactory interpretation rooted in the 21st century.
Classic Patchouli was the first fragrance unveiled by Von Eusersdorff..."as an opus to unforgettable memories". With its long lasting, richly exotic and woody blend of bergamot topped by lush notes of black patchouly, it became an instant hit among the sharper set of international aficionados in New York, Paris, Moscow and Amsterdam. In September 2011, Von   continue reading here
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Salvo Vasta: Bottega Oscura Sartorial Shoes

I while ago I noticed an extremlely nice pair of handmade shoes while browsing among my Facebook friends. So who made them, and how he did it, was what I wanted to know. Well, to my surprise they were made in the USA, yet by an Italian artisan: Mr. Salvo Vasta, from the 'Bottega Oscura Sartorial Shoes' atelier. First we discover who the passionate shoemaker, Mr. Salvo Vasta is, then he kindly explains how the shoes are made. Pure traditional craftmanship at its best !
Salvo Vasta is a third generation Italian master shoemaker and leather craftsman. Growing up in Italy surrounded by family tailors and shoemakers, he developed a deep love for beautiful handmade crafts, a devotion to the art of sewing, and the passion for finely made shoes and accessories.
Mr. Salo Vasta, Bespoke Shoemaker
Not surprisingly, in a country were artisans are also artists and philosophers, his teachers stressed the importance of attention to detail, an uncompromising use of quality materials, and the perfectionistic technical execution of every single creation.
Since he built his first pair of shoes at age 12, Vasta initially sought to perfect his skills with the masters in the Italian Marche region. He then built his workshop in Abruzzo, where he served many discerning  read more here 
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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Palatino socks, presented by 'Mon Tiroir à Chaussettes'

SELECTION OF HIGH QUALITY SOCKS ON INTERNET is a website for online sales of socks, stockings upscale mainly targeting elegant refined men.
Mission: make accessible products from manufacturers with historical knowledge, which do not have a high profile in the classic distribution networks.
In his "sock drawer", the smart man will find, for example, stockings in 100% fil d'Ecosse, or 100% Merino wool, made in Rome, Italy, by Palatino, supplier of the largest luxury brands - and - for the weekend he can put more fancy socks on, like p.ex. with red and blue dots, in "Pima" cotton, a particular variety of cotton whicj is soft and silky, produced in northern Peru. is not a webshop like the other online merchants online, but an accessory specialist that caters to a more demanding clientele.
Mon Tiroir à Chaussettes markets products designed by companies that are still famuily businesses, renowned for the quality and their expertise of the materials used. The almost century-old companies based in England and Italy, whose traditional manufacturing process is completely the opposite of the most-known mass production processes of today's industry. These brands have a "legacy", where sometimes the name of the leader is that of the company for several generations. They move directly into the workshops to select the most iconic models.  continue reading here
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Bentley Continental Flying Spur: Elegantly powerful

Belgian Dandy had the privilege of test-driving the magnificent Bentley Flying Spur V8. The model, presented a year ago, was given, this summer, an extra version in addition to the fabulous 630-hp twin-turbocharged W12: The all-new V8.
The new Bentley Flying Spur V8 is equipped with a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8, originating from Audi ( Audi's S6, RS6, S7, RS7, A8, and S8). The beauty of the engine is that it is available in various strengths, ranging from 420 hp up to 560 hp.
Naturally Bentley has opted for the 507 hp version. All that power is unleashed at 6000 rpm, and torque tops out at (660 Nm) 488 lb-ft available from 1700 rpm. This brand new ultra-compact V-8 engine is fitted with cylinder-deactivation and is connected to an 8-speed automatic from ZF. Smooth as hell. Transmission is on all 4 wheels naturally (40/60).
Why opt for the V8 instead of that brilliant W12 ? Well, maybe because it is brilliant as well. It's cleaner and more efficient. (CO2 emission is 254g/km iso 343g/km) For Belgian drivers not unimportant.
When driving the Bentley Flying Spur V8, at a mere 1.100 rpm, you hardly here the engine, but some slight road noise. A true smooth ride, as expected. Although the car is   continue reading here
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