Sunday, June 22, 2014

Anchor Bracelets from Basil Accessories

Basil Accessories was started by Mr. Todinca Vasile, the young (19), yet flamboyant Romanian entrepreneur, out of a bare necessity. At a certain age, when he was developing his own personal style, he was looking for accessories to improve his general appearance: decent accessories !

Unfortunately, he couldn’t find what he was looking for in Romania, and was very disappointed. Of course the logical step to take would be to order the accessories he wanted, and have them shipped to Romania. However, being only a student, it would have cost him a lot. Too much, which is something we all understand. And let's face it, for a student, especially in Romania, it's not easy !
Fortunately he came up with the idea to develop his own Romanian brand of accessories ! Thus serving his own needs, and those of others at the same time. After some research he started working. His first step was to start with a small collection of the now oh-so popular anchor bracelets. His logical thinking was that if they were so popular all around the world, he should introduce them in the Romanian market as well. So he started designing the anchor and the ropes. 
The anchors are made of Zamak, an alloy with a base metal of zinc and alloying   continue reading here 
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Loir en Papillon: Fantasy Pocket Squares

You all know I have a fondness for bright colours. Well, look what I discovered: This pocket square is a real piece of art ! Produced in a limited edition, numbered ofcourse at only 40 pieces ! Printed and hand-rolled in a small atelier in the South-East of France.

"Danaus Plexippus" is an original masterpiece by artist Eve Raspberry, especially made for "Le Loir en Papillon".

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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Roland Iten commemorates the Mille Miglia race with a very special belt buckle

Roland Iten, creator of purposely playful, mechanically sophisticated, esthetically elegant and tactilely sensual accessories for gentlemen, is a main sponsor of the Mille Miglia 2014. As a tribute to this iconic Italian road race, the Swiss inventor has issued a limited edition of four high-precision belt buckles.
Roland Iten creates the finest, most complex belt buckles in the world – designed and crafted using the same state-of-the-art machinery as used in Swiss watchmaking. The Mille Miglia commemorative R8 MKII buckle, which launches a new "The Driver" collection, is a limited edition of just four pieces crafted in gold, titanium and steel. Each of the four is engraved with the name of one of the main cities on the Mille Miglia 2014 route – Brescia, Padova, Roma or Bologna – in effect making each exclusive buckle a unique piece.
Roland Iten’s mechanical luxuries go hand in hand with the legendary Mille Miglia race. Roland studied car   more here
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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The all-new Tesla S Coupé & 2-door convertible: NCE does it again !

Newport convertible Engineering proudly presents 'Evolutions of the Tesla Model S', next generation: TheTesla Model S coupe and the 2-door convertible are the latest designs by NCE. First 100 coupes Tesla Models S and first 100 two door convertible Tesla Model S have been pre ordered by Chinese investor.
NCE will produce 600 Tesla Model S Coupe and 600 2-door convertible Tesla Model S worldwide in 3 locations. Production will start in fall 2014.
1)      NCE’s Headquarters, Huntington Beach, California. USA
2)      Barcelona, Spain.
3)      Dubai, UAE.
Newport Convertible Engineering has been working on these projects since last year. Based on a four door Tesla Model S, Front doors will be extended for more comfort and ease. Two door convertible driving will be the ultimate green vehicle of our time.
NCE’s Chief Engineer graduated from University of Southern California (USC) School of Engineering. He acknowledges that the continue here
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HandMade Brogues: Shoemakers passionate about shoes

Shoemakers: Passionate people producing fine handcrafted: They have an extensive range of loafers, monks, boots, oxfords, boots and derbystyle. In all colors you want, all made-to-measure: Belgian Dandy wanted to find out more about them. I ordered the 'Two-Tone Kilt Loafer LF15'
Craftsmanship & Construction
The shoes are made using the traditional Goodyear Welted construction. Through the 8 stages of production, each pair of shoes undergoes over 200 individual operations. This process takes about 30 days. Selection of leathers, pattern cutting, clicking, sewing upper, lasting process, welt is stitched to upper, sole offered to upper, sole detail applied, hand burnishing, polishing process, finishing.
Custom Hand Coloring
They apply special coloring using hand finishing techniques to the supple leathers. The burnishing and antiquing effects of their craftsmen have evolved so that they can give your pair a unique feel and distinctive look.
The range of colors is extensive, bright and dark hues in chestnut, cocoa, rosa, burgundy... Every pair is colored entirely by hand. Due to the extraordinary nature of the technique, no two pairs of shoes are exactly the same.
Made to Order & Upgrade
The total appearance and character of shoes can be customized by selecting subtle details such as color of leather, calf or suede leather, production method etc. Besides, the shoe can be upgraded, e.g.  continue reading here
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