Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Dior Homme Parfum - Uncensored Official Director's Cut

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Monday, November 9, 2015

The Hendrick's Bramble: Serve it with a real blackberry, not the phone

Guided by its own golden ratio, the Hendrick's Bramble aspires to the two key qualities shared by all Perfect Things in this world: to look delightful and taste incredible.
Why be demure...when there's crème de mure?
2 Parts Hendrick's Gin
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The Covert Coat: The ultra-traditional English overcoat everybody knows

A covert coat was originally "a short topcoat worn for hunting & riding" (thight and short), but is nowadays sold as a basic gentleman's overcoat. It originated in the late 19th century to be worn when riding a horse. It looks a bit like the ‘Chesterfield’, yet it is made of another cloth, namely ‘Covert’ cloth.
That is originally a heavy tweedy cloth, named after a covered area, rich in game wildlife, that would serve as a starting point on a hunt. Actually now it’s mostly a light twill, which makes the coat wearable all year round.
A traditional covert coat is always single-breasted with notch lapels, it has a single centre vent, flap pockets on the sides and a signature four, sometimes five, lines of stitching (the so-called ‘railroading’) at the cuffs and hem. Do note that a ticket pocket is optional.
It’s traditional color varies from a light greenish-tan brown, via a fawnish mix, to a quite deep tannish-green, but variants in grey and navy are also common, thank God for that !

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The classic Pea Coat: Eternally stylish at every age

The pea coat, is an over- or outer coat. Sometimes also called pea jacket or pilot jacket. Generally made of a heavy wool, and with its origins in the navy, mostly navy colored as well. The coat has a short length, very broad lapels, always that double-breasted front, sometimes with large wooden, metal or plastic buttons, and vertical or slash pockets at the sides.
Originally the coat was worn by European and American sailors. No wonder it is made of a heavy material, and has that military/naval look.
It is called a 'bridge coat' when the length extends to the thighs, and this is a uniform part or version exclusively reserved for the officers or the chief petty officers.
It is called a 'reefer' when ... continue reading here
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Monday, October 19, 2015

The Yorkshire Tailor: Savile Row in Leeds (Traditional English tailoring by Darren Beaman)

The Yorkshire Tailor: Savile Row in Leeds (Traditional English tailoring by Darren Beaman)

The British style, or should we rather say, British tailoring.... Everybody has heard of it. And most of us know it's something traditional that needs to be respected. Because it represents besides tradition; quality, craftsmanship (hard to find these days in most common cities around the world), quality finishes, guaranteed perfect fit of a suit made of the best materials available on the market, traditional production methods,.... Thus overall quality !
Typical English tailoring is also called 'British Traditional'. These suits are cut closer to the body. They have slightly narrower and defined shoulders with higher armhole. Coats have two side vents and they can be single or double-breasted. British cut jackets tend to use lower gorge lines which is the seam joining the collar and the lapel, heavier cloth, stiffer chest canvas, thicker shoulder pads, and more structure to the jacket.
The trousers are cut generously with a high waist and two or three pleats but they have more shape than American cut trousers. British suits will give you more contour and your look will be more fitted. It is an accepted truth that the home of the traditional British suit is in Savile Row. Placed in London's Mayfair, Savile Row is the home of best custom suit makers and is the place to go when searching for highest tailoring excellence.
These type of suits are ideal for average built men since they are not too boxy nor too slim. Yet Over the years, English suit tailoring has developed into what is considered the traditional British style. The English suit is a fitted two-piece or double-breasted suit that has its focus on making the man appear leaner and taller. In most cases, the suit jacket has a "ticket" or "flap" pockets and features a double vent for ease of movement.

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