Saturday, June 25, 2016

N°23 Dark Tobacco: Affordable Distinction by The Master Perfumers of Kruidvat

In The Master Perfumer Line of Kruidvat, they introduced the new perfume of Dark Tobacco N° 23 (Eau de Toilette). The scent is a distinguished mix of Iris, Leather and Amber. It’s a sweet-gourmand scent. And obviously projection and longevity are above-average.
It has a sweet undertone, yet classical, but releasing a sensual warm ‘aroma’, teasing the nose to more intimacy. Although not a scent for the younger guy, in my opinion, unless he wears a classic suit. However, for the stylish guy, there’s no age limit. A fresh undertone of the iris, strengthened by the masculine aspect of the leather, and fixed by the typical amber give it a strong character. A true gentleman’s scent, to be worn with distinction. Not sporty at all, but with a true distinction and a certain maturity.  Very masculine and stylish.

A good scent doesn’t have to be that expensive all the time: The Master Perfumer line of Kruidvat is proof of that. It’s a great initiative fromKruidvat, hiring the world’s most famous ‘noses’ to create affordable scents. And above that…. The Master Perfumer line of Kruidvat is very affordable, but therefore nonetheless very classy. In that price-range, definitively one of my favorites !
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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Piaget Emparador: Cushion shaped watch

The Piaget Emperador cushion-shaped watch, 42 mm. Case in 18K pink gold. Dial with hour markers in 18K pink gold. Sapphire crystal case back. Manufacture Piaget 850P self-winding mechanical movement with small seconds, date and dual time zone.
 Case Size: 42 mm
Gender: Gents
Movement: Automatic
Functions: Hours, Minutes, Small Seconds, Date, Dual Timezone, Day/Night Indicator
Power Reserve: 72 Hours
Case Materials: 18K Rose Gold
Caliber: Cal.850P
Case Back: Transparent (See-Through)
Dial Color: Blue
Band Type: Leather
Clasp Type: Tang
Description: Piaget Emperador Cushion Dual Time Zone Watch, cushion-shaped 18K pink gold case (42mm diameter) with transparent caseback
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Friday, June 17, 2016

Conceived in Romance: Saudade bags ( quality to be appreciated )

We all like passion. Well, maybe not everybody… But at least I do, and the readers of my blog/.website do, and most of the people that follow me on social media. Passion is what drives people. Not only in real life, but also in what we appreciate in products. Because the ‘things’ we use in our daily life, represent our lifestyle. Our life.
So I present to you the marvelous bags of Saudade. Conceived with a passion, a feeling.  Or even a bunch of feelings. Representing a lifestyle. And admit it, a lifestyle everybody dreams about:  Relaxed, soft, romantic, stylish, sturdy, personal, memories, casual, …..  “la vie, quoi” !!
“Bienvenue à bord Saudade” was created on the 25th of December in 2012, in the little village of Saint-Tropez in the south of France, by Mr. Alain Blanckaert. The pittoresque yacht harbor has been an inspiration to playboys, sailors, billionaires, yachtsmen, adventurers, and seekers of romance for decades. To him, who lived the life on a classic sailing boat, that life has no secrets. He lived it to the fullest. Being an adventurous romantic. So a passion for life, a true passion in and for love, that free life... Mr. Blanckaert put feeling in his bags. They are nit that one hyped bag, that we see everywheren, but a steady value of a quality, a passion...  Bags that have soul !!
Alain Blanckaert dreamt and wrote: “He is a soul traveler, passionate about his love for that one woman ….” SAUDADE” ….his muse.  His search takes him from harbor to harbor, and his adventure only just begins… “ And that is just what give an added value to this marvelous bags
Quality bags, that have style and personality: Originality, best quality, stylish. Think ‘baie de Pampelonne’, classic sailing yachts, Bahamas, Knokke, Portofino, shiny mahogany decks, Capri, ripped jeans, sailing where the wind takes you, classic runabouts, Martha’s Vineyard, New England, Preppy, an adventurous life, la vie en rose….  and, never forget it.... a love honored and followed, adored....
And you have to admit, that this is something we all dream or yearn for: Items with personality, otherwise we would like just plastic bags or cardboard boxes. We all want that extra added value..
These beautiful handmade leather bags, made with solid oiled canvas and other strong materials, seem caressed by time, glorious adventures and salty ocean waters .. The nautical details make these bags unique, sturdy yet elegant,  definitively unbreakable… like his love for “SAUDADE” : his “muse”.
Inspired by a strong love, the bags have to be strong as well, nearly indestructible.  To honor her and his passion for traveling, he wanted to make indestructible bags, beautifully designed with distinguished nautical details.  Hoping that they, him and her, may be one day together for always again…. Talking about romance !
The bags are made to be indestructible, so that one day, they might be passed on from generation to generation. The leather corners are always doubled and even tripled at the handles, then sewed by hand for strength and with added elegant nautical details, all done with a very decent level of quality craftsmanship .
The bags look good on a designer motor yacht (Italian style), as well as on a classic sailing boat. Under the protection of a silky white parasol or on an exclusive beach, But as well as on the burning white sand of a deserted tropical island… being it private or not. On a cruise ship, these bags will make you stand out !
Why is the leather so special ? Well, 2 unique procedures lead to the beautiful final product!
First they are caressed and marked by salty ocean waters, and then 5 craftsmen make the Saudade bag . The bags get their softness of quality leather due to a unique procedure of polishing … by the hands of experienced craftsmen who understand the philosophy of classic sailing boats who had to cross the wildest oceans to hear the bell ring when they arrived save and sound in the harbor.  You see, it’s done with passion.
To add to the indestructible part:  The bags are never single stitched,  but always double,  and than sewed by hand with the strongest yarn to make them indestructible .

“A bag that will carry your stories and who will be a companion in travel for those that you love”
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Tel: +212613434801

Conclusion: Beach/sail/travel bags, made in superior materials.... Conceived by the heart, with a passion that ciomes from the heart. A passion emiotionalyl strenghtened by a passion for artisan craftmanship, hence the quality. And that is what Belgian Dandy loves.... 

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The story of BIVOLINO in MODEMUSEUM Hasselt: Worth the visit !

The exhibition reveals the history of the shirt-making company, Bivolino, and highlights its natural relationship with the textile industry and fashion history of Hasselt.
Brothers Louis and Jacques Byvoet founded the company in 1954 with a joint investment of 8 million Belgian francs. Their grandfather, Mr. Jacques Byvoet, had been in the linen trade since 1900. The name Bivolino was chosen to represent both the family name of Byvoet and linen. They based the company in Hasselt, Belgium, and soon employed 270 people.
While being a family-run business, manufacturing to the highest standard, the company has continually adapted to advancing technologies. In 1969, Bivolino introduced the ergonomic measurement system which allowed each shirt to be individually fitted to the body. 
This revolutionary system was the first of its kind in Europe.
Ingenuity is a key characteristic of Bivolino. The unique biometric sizing technology can calculate the cut and size for every customer. Without using a tape measure, and with its online 3D shirt design platform, customers are involved in creating their personalized clothing.
The iART platform, which is currently under development with the support of the European Commission, is another step in the story of Bivolino. This project brings visual art into bespoke clothing by collaborating with artists. Mieke Vanmechelen is part of this project, and her work forms part of the iART exhibition. She has also curated this exhibition. Belgian born and living and working in Ireland, she attended Trinity College (BA), and Crawford Collegeof Art and Design (MA). Her colorful patterns translate beautifully into unique fabrics and individual iART designs.

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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Chukka in Horween Shell Cordovan by Carmina Shoemakers

Chukka boots (/tʃəkə/) are ankle-high leather boots with suede or leather uppers, leather or rubber soles, and open lacing with two or three pairs of eyelets. The name chukka possibly comes from the game of polo, where a ‘chukker’ is a period of play.
Chukkas are usually made from calfskin or suede, although they can of course be made from other materials. The style first became popular in the late 1940s through the 1960s as casual wear. In the 21st century, Chukkas persist as a popular menswear shoe, particularly in the United Kingdom. They can be worn with both suits and more casual wear like jeans or chinos.
According to shoe historian June Swann, the essential chukka boot is ankle-high, open-laced, and unlined, with two to three pairs of eyelets, thin leather soles, calfskin suede uppers in two parts (each from a single piece of leather; quarters sewn on top of vamp), and rounded toes.
So that’s the basics on Chukka’s ! Well, Carmina shoemakers now has an updated version in Cordovan leather.
Contemporary interpretation of the old Chukka boot, also called Desert boot, in Horween Shell Cordovan in Burgundy. Featuring a Dainite sole in a refined Goodyear welt-construction and calf lining. Style lasted on the chiseled and sleek Simpson last. One of the all-time favorites of Carmina.
Having experience with Carmina shoes and boots, I think they made a great contemporary Chukka, worth bearing the name. The fact that they use Horween Shell Cordovan leather for this gorgeous elegant model only makes it more exclusive, and ready for years of wearing pleasure. The perfect shoe for in between seasons.
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