Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Driving Gloves: A Usefull yet Dandy Accessoire !

Deerskin Driving gloves
What are driving gloves:
  • 3 most important functions:  grip, increased feel/control and protection.
  • Originally worn to keep hands clean when driving a motor car.
  • Also to protect from wooden veneers from the wooden steering wheel.
  • Some models are fingerless.
  • Made of soft thin leather, in a very thight fit, to not interfere with the hands movements. Mostly in deerskin, lambskin or Italian leather.
  • Unlined and with external seams: for better feeling and sensitivity of the drivers’ touch.
  • The give better feedback to the driver.
  • Holes in fingers and palm for ventilation.
  • Open knuckles and back for maximum flexibility.
  • Short cuffs and stud fastener.
  • They leave room for an unobstructed view of the drivers’ chronograph.
Peccary Driving gloves
The best and finest driving gloves are hand-sewn, and made from Peccary leather. Peccary leather is the worlds’ rarest and most luxurious leather for gloves. Buttery soft, hard wearing, difficult to sew, which make it a very time consuming and skilled process, which makes the expensive as well.

As Dorothy Levitt, the fastest girl on Earth, in 1906 said: “Never wear woolen gloves, as wool slips on the smooth surface of the steering-wheel and prevents one getting a firm grip, but wear gloves made of good soft kid." This hasn’t changed since then.
Black peccary driving gloves
So, why do we need them ?
  • They are the link between you and your car, kind of like a 'liaison'
  • When you own a convertible.
  • When you own a stylish old-timer.
  • When you have a race or sports car.
  • When you're a sportive driver.
  • Just because they compliment your beautiful car.
  • They offer a more solid grip onthe steering wheel.
  • They add to the comfort of driving, especially on longer trips.
  • Because they simply are an essential part of the driving experience.
  • They add to the mystique of manliness, and make a powerfull image.
  • They bring status to the look you want to achieve.
  • And,...They can always keep our hands (a litlle) warm when needed.
Black Leather driving gloves by
So, how do we wear them ?

Of course you wear them when you drive. They can become a nice ritual, just after starting your V8 engine.
You can always leave them in the car. You can tuck them away in your pockets.
But the might be used as a stylish fashion-accessorie as well. Lately they've been spotted in vests and jackets instead of a pocket handkerchief. The add a bit of 'sprezzatura'.

the iconic Steve Mcqueen wearing driving gloves while speeding
Martin Dingman Mikal Driving Gloves

'pocket' gloves at Piti Uomo
Ryan Gosling wearing driving gloves in the movie 'Drive'
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